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The Continental Hotel aims are good rest and comfort for its guests and therefore it presents the system.

TEMPLEX INSULATED Glass is composed of panels that are actually two sheets of glass sealed hermetically with thermoplastic tape. There is an air chamber between the two sheets that provides better acoustics and thermal insulation in comparison to simple glass.


Thermal isolation:


TEMPLEX INSULATED Glass decreases the thermal interchanges in two environments, thus isolating the cold and the heat.


This reduction in heat flow that TEMPLEX INSULATED Glass provides in comparison to regular glass, is due to the air chamber contained between the two crystals, which also provides thermal comfort in both winter and summer.


Acoustic Insulation:               


TEMPLEX INSULATED Glass diminishes the effect of annoying noises coming from outside.


The acoustic properties of TEMPLEX INSULATED Glass essentially depends on the thickness and characteristics of the crystals used in its manufacture. The combination of the double paned glass plus the thermal plastic tape acts as a barrier to different noises.



Conferences and Events

We offer lounges:

1. Business Center offers complimentary WIFI with up to 30 people

2.  Conference and Training offers complimentary WIFI for 120 people


Room service

Safe deposit box


Storage service

Internet and fax


Tourist assistance and maps

Wake up calls

Flight confirmation

Money exchange facilities

Medical assistance upon request

Baby sitter upon request